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FW1 DI1 Application Generator
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Author: Jason Presley (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: August 12, 2014 1:47 PM
Version: 1.0
Views: 9,065
Downloads: 337
License: Apache License, Version 2


This code generator uses Sean Corfield's Framework One and Direct Inject One to create a complete CRUD application by reading your database tables (developed and tested with Microsoft SQL Server only). In addition to the standard Bean, Controller, Service, and DAO for each table, this generator will also create the Application.cfc file, default layout and several table specific views including a data table using jQuery DataTable, view, create and update pages as well as a combination view/update page. The layout of the pages and elements is done using PureCSS (http://www.purecss.io).

Database Creation and Conventions

A few conventions have been included to help decrease the post generation modifications.
Database Conventions

Table Names should be plural (ie: books, genres).

All tables must have a single primary key (either int or uniqueidentifyer [aka guid]) defined within sql server.

Foreign key columns should be named using the singular version of the coresponding table with the suffix of "_fk". For example if the books table is linked to the genres table the foreign key column in the books table should be "genre_fk".

Table and field names should be in capitol or camel case without special characters between the words. Menu items and form labels are generated from these fields; thus, a database column "socialSecurityNumber" will have a form label of "Social Security Number".

Any field of a table that includes the word "Name" (case sensitive) will be treated as the title record. For example the title on a view page with two fields titled "firstName" and "lastName" will show a title using the values of the first and last name fields. For the title of a book you should name the column "bookName" to have the title of the book treated as the title of the record.

Automatic Generated Code Special Case

NOTE ABOUT TEXTAREAS: The generated code is displayed in form text area fields. Because of this if the generator creates any text area fields (generated for database columns of type char, varchar, text or any variation of those with a text size of over 250) the closing text area is created with a space between the closing slash and the tag name otherwise the generated code causes a conflict with the text area used to display the code. When the code for a create, update or viewedit page is copied over you will need to simply do a find/replace for all closing text area tags and remove the space.


ColdFusion 8+